I’m Dr. Jay Aguda, a consultant based in Los Angeles.

Learning & Work Should Be Meaningful.

As a passionate educator of 19+ years, I’ve worn many hats: Tutor, Youth Pastor, High School Science and Technology Teacher, District Instructional Tech Coordinator, Data Scientist, and various EdTech consulting work. I specialize in helping others access meaning in their work by providing dynamic coaching and support while encouraging learning and growth through reflection.

I study systems and their interrelationships to develop theories of improvement. My aim is to ensure that all learners (both children and adults) have equitable access to a learning system where tools, resources, tech literacy, and data interact seamlessly to support one’s own intrinsic motivations to learn, grow, and find meaning through the journey of learning. Continual improvement and growth makes work and learning meaningful.

This, coupled with my strong design aesthetic, I am able to efficiently visualize and prototype possible solutions, data, designs, and processes to increase operational efficiency and support innovation through faster iteration over time.

I am excited to work with you!